High-Tech Whale Wars: 8 Weapons Used In The Fight Down Under

Iridium OpenPort Satellite Communications

Beyond antagonizing the Japanese whaling fleet, the Sea Shepherd are also attempting to send back immediate video and pictures of illegal whaling in the Antarctic. 

One such device that allows them to do that with relative ease is an Iridium OpenPort device. Specifically created for maritime use, the OpenPort allows ships like the Ady Gil to have an "always on" connection with the outside world. Though its data speed of 128kbps is painfully slow compared to high-speed broadband, it's nonetheless a feat of engineering to upload much of anything when you're in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean. 

Unlike your sometimes-crappy cell phone signal, the Sea Shepherd will always have a way to dial home or send updates. Iridium has more than 66 satellites in space, offering pole-to-pole global coverage. 

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