12 Celebrities Down On The Farm


Jason Mraz spends his days on his small five-acre avocado farm in San Diego, California. The eco activist and vegan sells some of his crop, but mostly he eats them himself and hands them over to friends.

"I do sell my avocados," he told CNN during a 2008 interview. "I mean, they don't have a sticker on them that say that these are from the Mraz Farms, but I moved into an area that all of us are avocado farmers. ... Believe me, our kitchen is just like decked out with them. We're constantly washing them, we're eating them and we're giving them to all our friends."

He even shares recipes from time to time, like this raw “chocomole.

Always looking for ways to live his life more responsibly, in 2009 Mraz brought his electric bill down to zero dollars by going solar.

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