10 Sexy Green Celebrity Websites

Daryl Hannah


Best known for making a great splash on the big screen as Tom Hanks’ fantasy mermaid girl, Hannah proceeded to star in a number of somewhat forgettable girlfriend roles until her turn as left-of-center director Quentin Tarantino’s one-eyed-assassin in the Kill Bill films virtually reignited her career. Behind the scenes, however, the Illinois native has garnered more ink for her law-breaking eco-activism efforts like when she tried to prevent Los Angeles’ urban South Central Farm from being bulldozed via a 23 day tree-sit or when she sat in the middle of West Virginia’s State Route 3 in protest of mountaintop removal mining (which results in loss of biodiversity and can cause health complications via airborne particulates, among other nasties).

Unlike other celebrities who claim that they’re green in spite of blatantly living a life of excess, the off-the-grid gray water reclamation and solar-panel enthusiast feels that her eco-choices truly enrich her life. Hannah, who has for years been a proponent of using biodiesel and purchasing carbon offsets for any personal travel, is really interested in triggering sustainable solutions that we can all readily adopt. The video topics that she covers on her website, which range from endangered species profiles and vegan diet tips to green building information all serve to make eco-friendly living more approachable and doable no matter what walk of life you come from.

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