10 Sexy Green Celebrity Websites

Pierce Brosnan


Another Hollywood heavyweight with eye-candy origins, Pierce Brosnan continues to make a splash on the big screen while still finding time to take a very active role in various environmental causes, most prominently among them marine mammal and ocean ecosystem protection. Whether lobbying against federal canned tuna labeling standards that claim the product is “Dolphin Safe” or participating in Environmental Protection Agency hearings that address greenhouse gas emissions, this is one eco-heavyweight who means serious business.

With the support of his accomplished journalist-wife Keely Shaye, they have together worked tirelessly to shed light on such diverse and notable causes as the California Coastal Protection Network (CCPN), Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Environmental Defense Center (EDC), among many others. Their ongoing commitment to eco-causes continues to be regularly honored via organizations like Heal The Bay and the Environmental Media Association, but rather than rest on their laurels, they choose to make greening the world a permanent part of their lifestyle by sharing their knowledge with the public and staying the course.

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